Name: Genii (pronounced "Jen-eye")
Age: 16
Species: Siren

Genii is the main protagonist of my story. He's a bit of a handful for his older sister Gemma, as he's a fiery, rebellious teen who finds it difficult to conform with the strict hierarchy of their village, Amon. Genii wants nothing more than to escape his reclusive village and explore the world outside it's towering walls... you should always be careful what you wish for.

Name: Gemma
Age: 31
Species: Siren

Gemma owns Amon's only tavern - The Broken Wing. You'll usually find her scrubbing the floors, sweeping up broken glass, throwing out drunkards... generally just breaking her back to make ends meet and provide for her younger brother, Genii.

Name: Erras
Age: 48
Species: Siren

Stern, straight talking, no nonsense Erras. Once a decorated knight, his main duty now is to protect Genii, which he has done since the boy's birth - albeit from a distance. The task seemed quite uninteresting… until recent events of course.

Name: Belliah or Bella
Age: ?
Species: Aamami

Not much is known about Bella (or the Aamami in general). All we know thus far is that she has sworn an oath to protect the stone… which seems to have fused to Genii's left palm.

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